MaxxUPC® UPC Chucks and UPC Pallets



Maxx Tooling offers the MaxxUPC® product line, which comprises a selection of UPC chucks and pallets that deliver precision and efficiency in the manufacturing process. These products are designed to be compatible with EROWA UPC systems, which are widely used in the manufacturing automation standard. Whether used with EROWA UPC systems or other compatible systems, MaxxUPC® chucks and pallets provide exceptional accuracy and reliability in the manufacturing process. The UPC chucks securely hold workpieces in place during machining, providing excellent stability for high-speed operations. On the other hand, the UPC pallets provide a fast and convenient method to switch out workpieces during the manufacturing process.

Overall, MaxxUPC® product line is an excellent choice for manufacturers seeking high-quality and dependable UPC chucks and pallets that are cross-compatible with EROWA UPC systems and other compatible systems. This allows for increased flexibility and efficiency in their manufacturing processes.

In addition to their compatibility with EROWA UPC systems, the MaxxUPC® product line is also compatible with a variety of other systems, including Hirschmann and System 3R. This compatibility allows manufacturers to integrate the MaxxUPC® products seamlessly into their existing manufacturing processes, without the need for additional equipment or modifications.

The MaxxUPC® chucks and pallets are made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand the demands of high-speed machining. They are built with precision and durability in mind, ensuring that they can deliver consistent performance over time. The chucks and pallets are also designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, which helps to reduce downtime and increase productivity.